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Our Story

“It's a long story of sport that I've loved. From my personal passion in sport, now we're expanding it for bigger community.”

Aj. Natee is the main founder of our community. He organized the first duathlon race in Chiang Mai and created so many small but unique local cozy races until now.
Natee Tongsiri

We started from our local team.

From small group of weekend warriors who have short free time for training, we started the very small local duathlon race with less than ten of participants. Then the group was grown bigger. We trained to together and joined the triathlon events in Thailand which was very few at that time. 

Local race to build community

To popularize the multi-sport in our area, we organized the local small multi-sport race including duathlon and triathlon every year. We also scheduled the weekly training sessions for everyone to join and train together. We also organized the Triathlon training camp with invited well-known world triathlete, Mr Jurken Sack.

Our future project is building the anchor triathlon session for everybody who is interested. Please help us grow this community together!

Trail pioneer

After we raced in columbia trail in 2014, we started to think… WHY NOT CHIANG MAI!?

We started to survey all the trail paths entire Doi Pui mountain and created the small trail race in Chaing Mai named “Pong Yaeng Trail; PYT” in 2015. 

Bigger race, bigger community

PYT 2015 had very good feedback that empowered our team to continuous this race until now. Not only PYT, we also organized other special unique races including the Navigator (NaviTrail), CM6 and coffee hunt. 

Bigger race, we also have bigger community. Please come and join us to sustain this healthy community together. 

" Our passion is to make better and bigger sport community "
Nampetch Portharukchareon
Co founder and Tribal leader
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