Please join our team and let’s train together. You can train as hard as you can by yourself but train as fun as we can is our way

Nampetch Porntharukchareon

Our tribe leader

Our special events

Special events

Charity run

We have annual charity event with the orthopedist, “Run for new joints”. The course is more than 70 km. up to Samoeng mountain. 

We organized special professional camp about trail and triathlon periodically. We invited the elite athletes for you!

Professional camp

Check out our activity

Train happy, Race with smile

Long Trail Run

Running in the forrest is the medicine.

Weekend Long Ride

Ride Long on weekend

Group Swim

Swim with the pro

Court Session

Run faster with interval day

Activity Gallery

Local Race Gallery

Some picture from our small cozy local races.

The wall rampage

CM Duathlon

CM Triathlon

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