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We use the best quality coffee product from HILLKOFF, our local coffee dealer and roaster in Chiang Mai, integrating with the best ingredients for making the best cup for you. Please come to our coffee shop, sitting, taking a rest, sipping a cup of coffee and chatting with our staffs about sport, your race, your training , the exciting trail paths and whatever you want to talk about! 

“We're prepare the best cup for you in this lovely athletic coffee house.”

Our barista was trained from Hillkoff learning space and participated many coffee courses. He's ready to make your cup of the day better than ever.

special signature menu

We always create the special menu for every season by mixing the seasonal ingredients with our premium coffee. 

sweet from our champion

Yotchai is one of the best trail runner in Thailand. He’s the strongest barista in our community and owns his small lovely coffee shop.He supply us the best bread and sweet that he make by himself to our shop every week. If you want to taste the sweet that will empower you, please come to try the Yotchai’s recipe at our shop!

SLOW BAR Coffee Brew

Special slow bar coffee brewer menu was made for you to slow down your life after the hard, tough and fast pace training for whole day. Keep calm and take the slow bar menu to slow down your life!

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Special Products From Hillkoff

Hillkoff is not only local coffee dealer, but also the best innovative coffee company Thailand. They achieved many innovative awards from Thai government and produced many research about coffee and health. There are some products from their stocks and you can find it in our shop.

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