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Pong Yaeng Trail started off in 2015 with less than 70 runners in the PYT66 and slightly more than 70 runners in the RTC.
Last year in 2018, we had more than 2,800 participants from all over the world, come to Chiang Mai and enjoy this race.
There will be a big major change in this year, 2019. Please keep update from the official website and FB page. (below)

Official website: https://www.pyt.run/

Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/PYT.run/

CM6 is a trail running event in Chiang Mai, Thailand – aimed to be an event for runners with some degrees of expertise in ultra-distance trail running.
At CM6, climbs are long, steep in places and with a lot of elevation gain but not with a lot of technical difficulties – all within easy reach of Chiang Mai City.
Shorter distances are also available, namely the CM5, CM4, CM3 , CM2 and CM1.

Official website: https://www.cm6.run/

Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/CM6.RUN/

NaviTrail; The only team trail event in which teams of 2 participants travel cross-country on foot to locate checkpoints using GPS units to guide them.
The objective of the NAViGATOR is to visit as many checkpoints as you feel are within your limits. Checkpoints that are more difficult to reach will give you more points than closer (or easier to get to) ones.
There is no set course to follow. Teams can try to find as many checkpoints in ANY order but they MUST travel together and get back to the Basecamp before the time limit is reached.

Official website: https://thenavigator.run/

Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/thenavigator.run/

Chiang Mai Coffee Hunt is the team rally event which teams of two participants travel in the Chiang Mai city by running or cycling to find the unique coffee shops in Chiang Mai according to our event guidebook. Every teams need to complete all of the assigned mission in order to get the points. There is no specific route. The participants can design their own path in order to get the points as much as possible.

Official website: https://www.coffeehunt.run/

Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Chiang-Mai-Coffee-Hunt-2018

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