Our Staffs' Duty


We continuously develop our athletes to be the trainer. We also periodically invited elite athletes to make the special  boot camp.


Our store is cared by the knowledgeable staffs with real-life high sport experience. 

Race organizer

One of the best race organizing team who organizing the race from the athletic point of view.


We support our athletes joining wide varieties of race around the world. 

Our trainer

Well known triathlete who has completed more than 5 Ironman. He always keeps update the training knowledge and apply to our session.

Natee Tongsiri

The all-time best female triathlete of Thailand. She has completed numerous Ironman around the world and always inspires the people around her.

Coach Nam

New comer athlete who races with smile. He always improves his skills and speed every time we met. 

Jekita Mokhakul (AKA Coach Ya)

Swimming trainer from our community. He always get out of water faster than everyone during the triathlon race.

Titiwat Akaraborirak

“Train together, improve together and race together.”

Nampetch Porntharakchareon





Our barista








The shop owner. He finished Ironman within 10 and a half hour, marathon within 3 hours and still keep training everyday with his lovely wife. 

Noppon Taksaudom (shop owner)
Preeyanoot (the shop owner owner)

Our neighbor who occasionally help us sell the shoes. (and also be our customer too!) 

Klang vespa

“Welcome every athletes! We’re ready to service, advice, chat and share our experience about exercise with everyone and we hope that everyone will be happier with better health.”

Noppon SHOP owner

Race Organizer

With his very high logic thinking process along with his superb mathematics skill, He can organize everything within his brain.

Natee Tongsiri

With extremely high experience in races and sports, no single pitfall could be escaped from her sight. She will empowering you everywhere during the race.

Nam Nampetch

With his structured thinking and his power of command, everything in the race will be organized immediately!

P Koh Ratana

Our prudential secretariat, she is the most important back-stage person in our team.

P Aom Warida

The commander of coach Ya. With her nice manner, coach Ya cannot do anything wrong.

Gulisara Photisuk

Well known coach Ya. Nothing more say…just…. COACH!

Jekita Mokhakul

The missing piece of our team but there is still the missing piece in his heart…. So sad….

Supajit Sramajcha

Our Athletes

Nothing to say about her!

Nam Nampetch

Swim like a boat!

Master BOAT

Sub 10 hr Ironman!

Shane Goodhew

Coolest Orthopedist!
Especially with his wife!

Boss Boss



Lone survivor from Lanzarote

Coach Nhum

Triahthlete Cardiac surgeon

P PerN



Faster and faster!


Keep fightin’….


About us

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Our mission

Build strong hold athletic community in our home town, Chiang Mai, and help other community to make a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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